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    Energy Customers and Solution Providers Identify Key Market Updates to Enable Next Generation Procurement Options

    The Clean Energy Buyers Institute’s NextGen Activator Workshop series identifies energy market gaps and changes necessary to help energy customers advance toward...

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  • Energy Customers Identify Key Objectives for New Solutions to Optimize Decarbonization Impact

    The Clean Energy Buyers Institute launched its NextGen Activator Workshop series to identify energy market gaps and changes necessary to help energy...

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  • Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI) to Advance Systemic Grid Decarbonization

    Next Generation Carbon-Free Electricity Procurement Initiative to leverage energy customers’ perspectives and demand for new procurement options. What’s better than 45 GW...

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  • New Meta-Analysis from the Clean Energy Buyers Institute and Grid Strategies Lays Out A Roadmap for How Policymakers and Energy Customers Can Accelerate a 21st Century Electricity System

    Research shows that 90 percent of the power system can be decarbonized reliably and affordably using today’s technologies, with evolving approaches to...

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