Five Customers, Five Questions: Perspectives on Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Discussions about greenhouse gas accounting all too often overlook the tremendous role of energy customers in driving grid decarbonization investments and the efforts of the people who make that clean energy procurement happen. The Clean Energy Buyers Institute has interviewed five energy professionals and asked five questions, to reveal insights and real stories about their hard work to advance the carbon-free energy transition. Customer perspectives are important for broader industry dialogues, particularly as World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development update the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Our fifth and final interview is with Jay Creech, renewable energy manager at REI Co-op. In previous weeks, we interviewed Kelly Snyder, senior director of origination with EDP Renewables North America; John D. Powers, Schneider Electric’s vice president of global renewables and clean tech; Jeannie Renné-Malone, vice president of global sustainability with VF Corporation; and Monica Walker, General Motors’ renewables and energy strategy manager.

Jay Creech, REI Co-op
Renewable Energy Manager
REI strives to build on market-based accounting to achieve outcomes that REI believes are essential to impactful energy attribute certificates and accelerating the clean energy transition. Jay discusses how REI’s aim is to make clean energy more local and accessible. Read our interview.

Kelly Snyder, EDP Renewables North America
Senior Director of Origination
Making clean energy procurement more accessible is a part of EDP’s core mission. Kelly explains how voluntary markets allow customers to drive impact by helping bring clean energy projects onto the grid through their purchasing power. Read our interview.

John D. Powers, Schneider Electric
Vice President, Global Renewables and Clean Tech
Schneider Electric has set a RE100 goal and also advises companies in setting similar goals. John talks about why companies need credible ways to reduce emissions and receive credit for it without being accused of greenwashing. Read our interview.

Jeannie Renné-Malone, VF Corporation
Vice President of Global Sustainability
VF Corporation has set a goal to power its direct operations with renewable energy by FY 2026. Jeannie discusses how markets enable VF to explore a wider range of cost-effective renewable energy options and why more access to energy storage would help. Read our interview.

Monica Walker, General Motors
Renewables and Energy Strategy Manager
GM has committed to achieving 100% renewable energy usage in its U.S. operations by 2025. Monica explains how market-based accounting affects GM’s decision making and what’s needed to help customers further decarbonize the grid. Read our interview.