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Beyond the Megawatt

Not all renewable energy projects have equal material impact on advancing a zero-carbon grid.  Factors such as saturation of the regional grid with other renewables, balancing challenges, and other factors result in some projects having less material impact than others.

Decarbonizing Industrial Supply Chain Energy (DISC-e)

The Decarbonizing Industrial Supply Chain Energy (DISC-e) program uses the collective power of large consumers to accelerate the market for low-carbon industrial commodities that use carbon-free energy.

Designing the 21st Century Electricity System

Expert thought leadership for energy customers and others on the transformational market changes needed to transition to a reliable, cost-effective, zero-carbon electricity system.

Global Programs

Uniting corporate energy customers and global policymakers to reshape the energy landscape through clean energy investments worldwide.

Next Generation Carbon-Free Electricity Procurement Initiative

The NextGen Initiative will enable energy customers to maximize the decarbonization impact of their procurement decisions by addressing data and standards related challenges and expanding the suite of procurement options.

Small and Medium Business Accelerator (SaMBA)

Catalyzing communities of energy customers of all shapes and sizes to advance the clean energy transition through dedicated tools, trainings, and resources.