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Small and Medium Business Accelerator (SaMBA)

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) tend to have the same motivations for procuring clean energy as larger companies — clean energy can help attract talent, differentiate from competitors, and manage risk. But with fewer employees, tighter cash flows, less substantial annual electricity loads, and no- or low-credit ratings, SMBs can face significant barriers to entry into the clean energy market.

To speed decarbonization of our energy system, the community of customers leading the transition to clean energy needs to expand and diversify. The Small and Medium Business Accelerator (SaMBA) catalyzes a broader community of energy customers to scale the impact of clean energy procurement by:

  • Sharing customer best practices and lessons learned to enhance the SMB clean energy customer journey.
  • Providing free Energy Procurement Fundamentals training materials to SMBs (expected launch, Fall 2023).
  • Convening stakeholders in discussion to promote and increase the availability of well-designed, customer-centric utility green tariff clean energy procurement solutions.

Success Stories

Cook Technologies C-PACE Financing On-Site Solar

Hear from a small manufacturing company in Pennsylvania about their on-site solar project that used Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy (CPACE), a tool that leverages property tax bills to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on commercial properties.


Outdoor retailer REI has a distributed energy load with 181 locations in 41 states and Washington, D.C. They recently celebrated 10 years of running their operations with 100% renewable energy, but are seeking to shift away from unbundled RECs and toward more local clean energy procurement. They are also hoping to foster the development of more accessible buying options for small and medium-sized partners. In 2023, REI signed a shorter term, smaller-sized (~2,500 MWh annually) VPPA-like agreement to cover the load of its six stores in the Texas market.

Interlochen Center for the Arts

Hear from Interlochen Center for the Arts, a boarding school and residential arts camp and performance venue, about their internal stakeholder engagement process and their involvement with their utility to identify clean energy solutions. Interlochen is also exploring on-site solar to enhance education and storytelling efforts around sustainability.

Green-e Certified RECs

Some energy customers prioritize procurement of Green-e certified RECs. Hear from the Center for Resource Solutions about this certification.

Clean Energy Procurement Map

CEBI has created a map to reflect the current state of clean energy procurement options available to businesses throughout the United States.

Helpful Resources

Community Solar Primer

Learn about the potential for incorporating community solar into your clean energy procurement portfolio, including how community solar works, why energy customers may pursue a deal, and things to consider when pursuing this procurement method.

REC Primer

Explore the purpose and function of Energy Attribute Certificates, specifically U.S. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), in the energy market and why customers might invest in RECs.

Utility Green Tariff Report

Find details on available green tariff programs offered by local utilities. As of January 2023, the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) has tracked 50 active green tariff programs that have been approved or are pending approval at 40 utilities across 28 states.

Take It Back To Your Team

On-site Overview

This high-level overview of on-site clean energy generation includes a summary of technology options, ownership models, benefits, risks, and other considerations for Energy Customers.

Outside Counsel Overview

Learn about the role of outside legal counsel in the execution of complex corporate procurement mechanisms like virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs). This overview may be of particular use for establishing a baseline for discussion with legal, finance, communications, and other teams within the customer organization.

Buyers Advisors Overview

Learn about why, when, and how to engage Buyer’s Advisors (brokers and consultants) during the clean energy procurement process. This overview includes a high-level look at the different services offered by Buyer’s Advisors, the questions to ask when exploring engagement options, and the different fee structures available.

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