Our Mission

Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI) is a non-profit organization focused on solving the toughest market and policy barriers to achieving a carbon-free energy system in collaboration with policymakers, leading philanthropies, and energy market stakeholders.

The Institute Strives to:

  • Be a center-of-excellence for advancing research and development of innovative clean energy market solutions
  • Provide educational opportunities for the public-at-large in an effort to expedite the implementation of best practices in the renewable    energy market
  • Research and evaluate the application of clean energy market solutions by large energy customers to further the development and implementation of business structures, regulations and technological advancements

Our History

The Clean Energy Buyers Institute is a 501(C)3 that was created alongside the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) in 2020 (formerly the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and REBA Institute). CEBA and the Clean Energy Buyers Institute were created by four of the leading environmental NGOs including, the World Wildlife Fund, BSR (formerly the Business for Social Responsibility), the Rocky Mountain Institute, and the World Resources Institute.

These NGOs, together with a small group of energy customers, first met in 2013 to discuss the best ways to leverage clean energy demands and have worked collaboratively to advance a common mission. In 2018, CEBA was founded. CEBA currently brings together nearly 300 members who span the globe and work toward achieving a 90% carbon-free U.S. electricity system by 2030. The Clean Energy Buyers Institute leads renewable energy research and analysis, and provides pathways for advancing the industry while also providing energy customers with the insight and information they need to lead the way.

  • Our Leadership

    Industry Experts Leading Our Mission

  • Research

    Advancing Clean Energy Through Research