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  • CEBI’s Four Key Recommendations for Updating the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Will Help Advance Systemic Grid Decarbonization

    The Greenhouse Gas Protocol—the preeminent global framework for greenhouse gas inventory accounting—is under revision. The protocol’s Scope 2 and 3 standards have...

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  • CEBI. Clean Energy Buyers Institute.

    Report: Regional Transmission Collaboration Across the West and Southeast Would Bring Significant Economic and Reliability Benefits

    Independent Regional Planning Would Facilitate Trustworthy, Cost-Effective Coordination Washington, D.C. (Feb. 9, 2023) — Independent region-wide transmission planning would bring cost savings...

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  • Energy Customer Markets Are Key to Scaling Clean Hydrogen

    The Clean Energy Buyers Institute’s NextGen CFE Initiative aims to expand the menu of carbon-free electricity procurement options available to clean energy customers, to...

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  • GHG Accounting Updates Must Enable Customer Options to Accelerate Grid Decarbonization

    The Clean Energy Buyers Alliance continues to be inspired by the ingenuity and passion of the energy customer community as they continually...

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