Beyond the Megawatt: Pivot Energy’s Work with Principles for Purpose-Driven Energy Procurement

Why did your organization get involved with the Beyond the Megawatt initiative?

Pivot Energy is a national renewable energy provider that develops, finances, builds, and manages solar and energy storage projects. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Pivot Energy is proud to be on the cutting edge of environmentally responsible solar development, building projects that deliver meaningful benefits to the communities we operate in. When we heard about the Beyond the Megawatt (BTM) initiative, we were excited to get involved, learn from the cohort, and push our company to keep innovating in the realm of impact. We are proud participants in the equity working group of BTM, contributing our team’s experience of developing solar projects with significant economic benefits for low-income utility customers. 

What impact will the Principles for Purpose-Driven Energy Procurement have on the clean energy industry?

We believe the Principles for Purpose-Driven Energy Procurement will act as a roadmap for developers and corporate renewable energy procurement teams to come together to build projects that respect the land, deliver tangible benefits to local communities, and that help us build a resilient and clean grid. The Principles for Purpose-Driven Energy Procurement are setting a new gold standard for clean energy development, one that truly centers people and the planet. 

How do the principles influence the broader transition to clean energy?

The principles will help us succeed in developing clean energy at the pace that we need to avert climate disaster. By committing to clean energy development that centers delivering community benefits and caring for the land, Pivot feels confident that we can increase community interest and acceptance of these projects. 

How will you consider the principles during your clean energy procurement process?

At Pivot, we have embedded many of the principles into our development process, and have identified areas for our improvement. In early 2024, we will be releasing our 2024-2026 ESG roadmap, which outlines the 14 impact areas we plan to focus on to be a best-in-class purpose-driven solar developer. The principles have been, and will continue to be, an incredibly useful guide for us. 

Author: ANNIE LAPPE | Vice President, Policy and Impact Pivot Energy