International Connection Platform

Businesses pursuing clean energy waste time and resources working in isolation in pursuit of goals that are shared across the industry, effectively not moving fast enough to address the global climate crisis. The International Connection Platform is built to foster a professional peer network, disseminate robust renewable energy education, and spark crowdsourced innovation.

Importance of Collaboration

We are running out of time.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) clearly states that the global energy system must be 48-60% renewable by 2030. We are unlikely to meet the IPCC’s recommendation of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius without making drastic, rapid changes.

Such change can be accelerated by large energy buyers and mission-oriented NGO partners.

Fostering Connections

The Platform is an easily searchable, and dynamic online tool to support all energy buyers to connect, reduce barriers, and drive change in global energy markets.

How the Platform Works

Find organizations active in renewable energy across the globe: Search for peer energy buyers and NGOs with interests, experience, and services in your markets of interest. Explore resources including market updates, peer reports, and policy advocacy efforts.


  • Create a customized buyer profile with your interests and experience
    • List interests by technology and transaction type, or simply express general interest
  • Search for buyer peers in markets of interest (*Exclusive to buyers only!)
  • Search for NGOs by country, focuses, and services
  • Connect seamlessly with buyer and NGO peers
    • Choose to make your contact information visible or connect through the Platform without sharing your contact information


  • Join local initiatives and campaigns to improve purchasing options and break down barriers
  • On-the-ground strategies, training, and support for transactions covering various technologies

Create a Profile and Engage

Ready to create a profile and leverage the International Connection Platform to accelerate your renewable energy goals? Take a look at the CEBA International Connection Platform Usage Guide for step-by-step guidance for:

  • Registering for the Platform
  • Creating your personal profile
  • Creating your organizational profile
  • Searching for peers or NGOs
  • Making a connection

Save time and resources

Learn from your peers

Drive market change

Reach your goals

Share lessons learned


Build the movement

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