Clean Energy Procurement Academy

Struggling with Scope 3 emissions?

Industry standards on climate action are constantly evolving – including expectations that companies reduce carbon emissions across global supply chains. Yet, there is an industry gap in education for supply chain partner companies to build the skills and subject matter expertise to advance clean energy.

Local Expertise, Scalable Education

The Clean Energy Procurement Academy delivers a unique blend of customized training, combining in-person sessions with accessible online courses. Local experts and industry professionals with a deep understanding of regional business landscape and cultural context lead the meticulously designed curriculum in the local language across diverse markets.

Actionable Curriculum

Equip your supply chain partner companies with a flexible, comprehensive educational experience that translates into real-world action.

Engage with us

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The Clean Energy Procurement Academy was launched by Apple, Amazon, Meta, Nike, PepsiCo, and REI Co-op through the Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI). The We Mean Business Coalition and also provided foundational funding support.