RTO/ISO Governance

The structure and processes that dictate the governance of Regional Transmission Organizations/Independent System Operators (RTOs/ISOs) are a key component to transforming the electricity system to meet 21st century customer clean energy goals. RTO/ISO governance determines how markets resolve issues, who can participate and make decisions, and what rules and operating procedures to implement. Most RTO/ISO market rule and design changes are influenced or agreed upon by market participants in stakeholder processes.

As markets transition there is need to evolve current RTO/ISO governance models to incorporate and meet the needs of a broader set of stakeholders and challenges. Transparent, clear, and meaningful participation for energy customers is one area in which CEBI is dedicated to uncovering best practices. Customers should be able to join an RTO/ISO as a market participant with voting power or engage with their market in a non-voting stakeholder capacity. Overall voting power should be equally weighted between electricity customers and sellers.


U.S. Organized Wholesale Electricity Governance Primer

This Primer compares key governance and decision-making elements across the seven Regional Transmission Organizations/Independent System Operators (RTOs/ISOs) in the U.S., highlighting the importance and impact to electricity customers. Elements are structured in a top-down approach, beginning with discussion on regulatory oversight and governing bodies, and ending with stakeholder participation and independent evaluation of RTOs.

Past Events

Webinar: Organized Wholesale Market Governance

August 11, 2020

This webinar provides an overview of RTO/ISO governance, based on CEBI’s Governance primer, including oversight, governance models, and stakeholder interaction. It also introduces the new market offerings developing in the Western U.S. and their impact on future market governance. Finally, Amanda Ormond discusses her role representing public interest organizations on the CAISO Governance Review Committee and the importance of stakeholder engagement.

Resource Library

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